Why Dave Alwan?

Dave is a driven, determined, devoted, and dynamic self-made entrepreneur who will share his compelling story of leaving the security of a family-owned business to pursue his vision of developing and selling over-the-top quality hams, sausages, and other meat products through an online gift catalog - products that ultimately landed him on Season 4 of the ABC hit TV show "Shark Tank" in 2013 and subsequently led to a significant increase in sales for his company, Echo Valley Meats. Because of Dave’s tremendous success after Season 4, ABC-TV invited him back into the tank for a rare second-pitch opportunity during Season 6.

Captivating Audiences Nationwide

Dave will share what it’s like to have the Sharks battling for an investment and to ultimately become the only entrepreneur in the show’s history to pitch the same business successfully the second time around when he accepted an offer from billionaire investor, Mark Cuban

The same unique brand of Dave's authenticity and enthusiasm that the Sharks found appealing is captivating audiences nationwide. Business people, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs are being inspired by Dave's common sense approach to life and business - something that will benefit anyone wanting to strengthen their belief in themselves, realize their vision, or renew their enthusiasm and passion for what they currently do.