Topic: Believing in Yourself and Your Vision

Being successful starts with a passion and enthusiasm for what you do in life. Dave comes from a family that has been in the retail and wholesale meat business for several generations. After breaking away from the family business, Dave has taken his own business, Echo Valley, from a small, local meat shop into a leader in the retail and wholesale meat business across the entire United States. Learn more about Echo Valley's story, including Dave's experience pitching, not once but twice, to the “Sharks” on ABC's “Shark Tank.” You'll leave with an understanding of how your belief in yourself and your vision are key ingredients to achieving your business and life goals. Click here to request an appearance

Topic: How Do You Ignite Your Passion?

What is it that drives a person to sacrifice and work harder than others to achieve their goals? What is it that pushes someone beyond the limits of pain, exhaustion, grief, or other life challenges? The answer is passion – the fuel tank of energy, excitement, knowledge, desire, and strength that lies deep in our hearts and souls waiting to be ignited. So how do you ignite it?

In this uplifting presentation, Dave shares how his business success was the initial spark for his passion, but the journey with his wife Dawn and their special–needs daughter is where he truly learned that passion has many layers and sources of inspiration. Dave's story will show you how passion can instill courage and faith beyond any limit ever imagined, for the betterment of all. Click here to request an appearance